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The wonderfully light, buttery GALETTE you are enjoying has its origins in the French province of Brittany at the tip Western Europe. Jutting out from the west coast of France between the English Channel and the Atlantic, Brittany is a land of jagged coast line and small farms. Its relative isolation from the rest of the nation has slowed the pace of life within the province and kept alive the old Breton tongue, a Celtic language.

The geography of Brittany likely contributed to the development of the galette, as well, According to an old proverb, Bretons “are born with the waters of the sea flowing around their hearts”, and fishing has always been a major occupation of the men of the province. Fishermen’s wives discovered that galettes, packed in tins, were one of the few items their husbands enjoyed at sea that did not deteriorate rapidly in the salt air. And the materials for making galettes were easily at hand, too, because the land of Brittany is well suited for the raising of dairy cattle known for their excellent butter and the growing of wheat. So, combination of wheat flour, butter and sugar plus the culinary skill of those Breton housewives produced a treat today enjoyed all over France.

Your galettes were made in Durango, Colorado, (located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains) but their Breton ancestry is obvious, Master Baker Jean-Pierre Bleger “Le Fier de Bras”, retired honorary chairman of the Jean-Pierre Bakery, immigrated to America in 1969, bringing with him the knowledge and traditions of his parents’ family bakery in France. During his youth, Jean-Pierre’s mother, a native of Brittany, had often returned to her first home and taken along her young son to visit her family. Years later, after becoming a successful baker, Jean-Pierre returned to Brittany to study the methods of making galettes. After much planning and painstaking preparation, he began making galettes named for his first child, Jerome . . . 40 years later thousands of patrons all over the country are still enjoying this delicate and exceptional butter cookie!

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